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Enjoyable Ways to Workout with Your Pets Go Back

Excising With Your Dog

One of the coolest things about dogs is that they make quite possibly the best training partners. Rarely will you hear them complain about steep hills, uncomfortable temperatures, or last-minute sessions. They simply meet you at the door, and are ready to go.

If you’re looking for fun, alternative ways to get a good workout with your four-legged friend, here are a few of our favorite activities.

Even if your pet isn’t a water dog, paddle boarding is a low-impact way to get your dog outdoors, while you paddle towards a healthier body. The calm atmosphere of paddle boarding is also great for older dogs, and those prone to getting anxious easily, but make sure you go out on a day when the water is exceptionally calm.

And remember: even though you may not plan to take a dip in the water, you should equip your pooch with a life vest anyway to be on the safe side.Yoga With Your Dog

Yoga or Doga

You read that right, dog yoga is a thing, and it’s gaining tremendous popularity. Where else do you think the “down-facing dog” pose came from?

“Doga” classes give both you and your dog a chance to re-center your chakras, while reducing stress and anxiety. These classes are perfect for dogs that have anxiety issues, or muscle and joint problems, by giving them an opportunity to hang out in a low-stress, low-impact environment.

Doggy Boot Camp

In recent years, an increasing amount of dog-friendly boot camp classes have been popping in in major cities across the country. These weeks-long classes incorporate traditional human exercise programs with activities that test the physical skills of your dog, too.

Due to the physically demanding nature of these types of fitness classes, many program organizers recommend that only dogs in good-to-exceptional physical condition should participate in boot camp classes.

Most breeds are hardwired to jog, run and sometimes, full-on sprint. This means you have a consistent running partner by your side at all times. Aside from hold you accountable for your health, your dog gets the regular exercise they need to stay happy. Traditionally, smaller breeds have more energy than their larger counterparts, so don’t be too discouraged if your big dog can’t hang as long. Even a little exercise is good.

Keeping your pets healthy and active, whether it’s a daylong trek through your favorite trial, or a quick visit to your local dog park, is an important aspect of being a responsible owner. ProPet Distributors has an extensive line of dog supplies and dog park accessories to keep your dog busy and healthy. For more information, visit our Contact page, or call (866) 364.4768.


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