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Why All-in-One Dog Bag Dispensers Just Work Go Back

Dog Bag Dispenser

Nowadays, it seems like there are so many contraptions and complicated dog waste receptacles that seem to clutter dog parks more than they help keep them clean. When it comes to managing a pet-friendly area the right way, the secret is in the simplicity.

To that end, here are just a few reasons why all-in-one dog poop bag dispensers, like the Poly DOGIPOT® DOGVALET, not only enhance the appeal of your dog park, they simply just work.

Unmatched Convenience

Using a Dog Bag DispenserWhat’s more convenient than having a one-stop shop for both pet waste retrieval and disposal? With a lockable lid, and round holes on both sides, dog owners can drop and dispose bagged dog waste in an odorless, clean fashion.

This saves you money on having to buy separate dog waste bag dispensers and receptacles, while adding a layer of convenience that helps your dog park surpass the competition.

Remarkable Capacity

Capable of holding up to 400 DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags™, dispensed out of two dispenser slots, the Poly DOGIPOT® DOGVALET can stand up to some of the biggest messes your dog park throws at it.

The waste-receptacle portion of the dispenser uses large DOGIPOT® heavy duty draw tape SMART liner trash bags™, so you can rest assured it’ll hold its fair share of pet waste without having to worry about breakage or ripped bags.

Easy Installation

It’s no secret the Poly DOGIPOT® DOGVALET is designed for convenience and low maintenance requirements, so it makes sense streamline the installation process, too. Each all-in-one poop bag dispenser comes complete with a galvanized-steel mounting kit, with no added assembly required. It’s truly a pet waste management system that’s ready to use as soon as you receive it.

For additional ways to get your dog park or other dog-friendly areas looking their absolute best, be sure to check out our line of dog park equipment and other pet waste pickup products.

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