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Dog Breeds That Are Built for Hot Weather Go Back

Border Collie playing at the park on a hot summer day

Unlike humans, dogs do not have nearly as many convenient ways to cooling down in hot environments. Since much of their survival relies on having a healthy coat of fur, regulating their core temperature is even more important, especially in temperate and sub-tropical climates.

If you’re in the process of looking for the perfect canine companion to add to your household, especially if you live in a hotter climate, consider these dog breeds that perform the best in hot weather.

American Water Spaniel

Similar to cocker spaniels, the American Water breed is built for both water and warmer weather. A medium-sized breed, they’re strong, stocky, and have a curly coat that helps protect them from the elements. They require a good deal of physical and mental exercise, so make sure you take them for regular walks and visits to the dog park.

Great DaneGreat Dane trying to climb up a tree in at the park

Great Danes aren’t necessarily known for being the most athletic breeds around, but what they lack in agility, they more than make up for it in loyal companionship. Although their origins can be traced back to the colder climate of Germany, they absolutely love warm temperatures and heat sources, regardless of how hot it may be outside.

Golden Retriever

One of the most popular dog breeds, the golden retriever has been a family friendly staple since the 1860s. Equipped with a water-resistant coat and webbed feet, retrievers can play fetch, hike, and swim for what can seem like hours before needing a break.

Border Collie

Extremely energetic, acrobatic, and intelligent, border collies are the ideal pet for anyone who considers themselves the outdoorsy type. Great in warm climates, collies thrive on constant physical activity, so they aren’t recommended for first-time owners or families who can’t devote enough time to a regular training schedule. Being natural-born herders, collies are known to dominate Frisbee, flyball and other agility competitions.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Pretty much the Swiss Army Knife of dogs, there isn’t much that pointers can’t do. Great at everything from tracking and hunting, to sled pulling and detecting bombs, these pointers are workhorses that can stand up to the heat.

They’re bred for water retrieving, which is why they have flat, water-resistant coats that help regulate internal temperature. Super energetic, pointers need lots of room to roam free, and prefer environments that allow them to get dirty.

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