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Adding the Right Decoration to Your Dog Park Go Back

Some dogs prefer agility equipment, while others are just fine with the shady spot near the old oak tree. For some dogs (and their owners), the right look can be what ultimately draws passers by to your dog-friendly area. This is why the DOGIPARK® Fire Hydrant is the perfect decorative addition to your dog park.

Red: The Color of Energy and EmotionJuneBlog_ParkDecor_SecondImage

The DOGIPARK® Fire Hydrant’s color and design are a striking homage to the iconic, traditional fire hydrants of the early 20th century, which inspires nostalgia and is more likely to be seen by dog walkers who may not be particularly familiar with your dog park at first.

Paired with the fact that our hydrants are painted with a thermoplastic coating, and you have an eye-pleasing, yet durable, piece of dog park equipment.

Award-Winning Aesthetic

Aside from the environmental impacts of a well-planned dog park, there’s the potential to snag a few awards in the process. Most cites, and several national humane societies, hold competitions for everything from the “Most Innovative” to “Best Overall Look” to award dog parks.

The DOGIPARK® Fire Hydrant not only adds color to your dog park, but it’s one of the few pet products that could contribute to creating an award-winning space for your property, ultimately enticing others to visit your dog park more often.

A Step in the Right Direction

If this is your first experience with designing and implementing a dog park on your property, the DOGIPARK® Fire Hydrant is a low-maintenance, easy-to-install accent that can serve as the catalyst for bigger, more involved installations down the road, including many of our DOGIPARK® line of pet products.

For additional ways to get your dog park or other dog-friendly areas looking their absolute best, be sure to check out our line of dog park equipment and other pet waste pickup products.

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