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The Five Types of Dogs at Every Dog Park Go Back

As much as we like to think that every dog owner who visits a neighborhood dog park is their star of the show, their dog’s personalities can sometimes steal the spotlight as well. No matter where you go, there are always going to be some pup-ular personalities, from the tame to the totally-out-there.

Take a look at our list of the five types of dogs you’ll find at nearly every dog park, and see which category yours fit into.

The Toy Thief

For these dogs, every toy is their toy. Tennis balls, rubber bones, and stuffed animals are no longer safe when these dogs enter the park. Luckily, adding a 3 Level Dog-Shaped Jump Hoop could easily preoccupy even the most hyperactive pooches.

The Acrobats

Whether they are Border Collies, Labradors or some combination of bionic show-dog breeds, the Acrobat is a dog that can never be contained. They don’t need leashes (because they’re highly trained). They can jump 45 feet in the air, from a standing position (because they’re highly trained). They were able to graduate from Yale with dual Ph.D. and M.D. degrees (because, well, you know).

Arched Stepping Bones are a great way to keep Acrobats entertained and active without encroaching on the rest of the dog park.

The Shy Guy (or Gal)Eccentric? Understated? Which one is your dog?

These dogs aren’t huge fans of a lot of attention, whether from humans or other dogs. Instead, they’d prefer to sniff around their immediate area, and stay relatively close to their owners. If a Shy Guy (or Gal) is feeling a little too anxious or insecure while at the park, they can easily take a break under a Rectangle Bone Table until their anxiety subsides.

The Alpha Dog

Want to know if a dog as an alpha? Don’t worry; they’ll let you know. Alphas are dominant, yet charismatic. They’re steadfast, natural-born leaders that can do it all. The DOGIPOT® DOGVALET is similar in that it fills several different roles within the dog park. Part dispenser, part receptacle, the DOGVALET is a pickup tool with a trash receptacle that is a perfect addition to any pet-friendly area.

The Social Butterfly

These dogs want to meet everyone that they can, in as little time as possible. One minute, they’re socializing with the old beagle near the oak tree, next minute they’re running circles around the new dachshund that just arrived.

Social Butterflies, and their owners, can benefit from a quick rest on the Bone Bench. Sturdy and durable, they’re a great place to rest while watching the dogs do their thing.

With over two decades of service dedicated to creating the safest, most durable dog park products, ProPet wants to ensure you’re doing everything you can to create desirable, dog-friendly areas for all of our four-legged friends. For more information on any of the pet products we offer, visit our Products page, or email propet@dogipot.com.

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