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How to Upgrade Your Dog Park Go Back

dog park planning for large dogsDog waste stations and pet waste bag dispensers are a great start to building a solid pet relief area, whether it’s in an apartment complex, community park or other dog-friendly area. But, how do you go from just a pet relief area to a full-fledged and renowned dog park? It’s all about the details. Keep reading to find out how you can transform dog walking areas of your property or business into a “bone”-fide neighborhood favorite for pets and their humans.

Choosing the Right Dog Park Equipment

A key addition to any up-and-coming dog park is quality, durable and functional equipment. While you may have already installed plenty of DOGIPOT® Pet Stations, the best and quickest way to take your amenities to the next level is to install products like training and agility courses for dogs, including the 3-Level Dog-Shaped Jump Hoop by DOGIPARK. This unique piece of equipment gives any pet-friendly area a brand new look and feel, not to mention a bit of extra fun, which can make your dog park the hottest spot around.

Cater to All Breeds of Dogs

From Maltese to Mastiff, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The very best dog parks cater to all breeds of dogs, from the tiniest teacup pups to those weighing in at more than 100 lbs. With varying hoop heights, the 3-Level Dog-Shaped Jump Hoop is a fun challenge for canines, big or small. You may also want to consider designating separate play areas for large dogs and small dogs, to ensure everyone stays safe while having a good time at your park.

Provide Agility Training Opportunities

Dog owners appreciate every opportunity to teach their pup a new trick or practice learned commands. Agility courses are a favorite amongst pet-parents as they not only let pups release pent up energy and get plenty of exercise, but they’re also a fantastic way to step up their training. This is another area the 3-Level Dog-Shaped Jump Hoop excels in, with low, medium and high jumps.

From airports to apartment complexes and even shopping centers, making businesses welcoming to pets is a trend that simply can’t be ignored. These three steps are just the beginning of building a pup playground that’s safe and exciting. For more ideas, be sure to explore more of our dog park products.

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