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Landscaping Tips for Pet-Friendly Apartments Go Back

Attracting new residents, and enticing current renters to renew their leases, is the main goal of any successful apartment complex. A big contributing factor in accomplishing this is the way your property looks to renters. From a clean and welcoming leasing office to lush, green landscaping, ensuring your community remains well kept can help you draw in potential renters and keep your current residents happy.

This goes double if your apartment complex allows pets, specifically dogs. You not only need to make sure all areas of your community look great, they also need to function ideally. You need a place for dogs to be able to play and walk around safely, while also keeping up appearances. Keep reading for tips to keep the outside of your community as nice as possible for your tenants—people and pets alike.

Tend to Grassy Areas

It’s important that the lawn outside your buildings is well kept throughout the year. While allowing pets means that people will always be outside with their dogs, enjoying themselves and ushering in a very welcoming atmosphere, playtime can take its toll on the grass. Lawns should be routinely mowed and weeded to ensure the health of the grass and keep it looking fresh. You should also make sure obstructions or anything that could hurt a person or animal is kept out of the lawn.

Designated Pet Areas

landscaping tipsA big part of helping pet parents and their pets and those without dogs get along harmoniously is keeping them out of each other’s hair. Keep your property waste free and orderly by designating a certain section of the land specifically for dog walking. Instead of taking on the impossible task of keeping grass green in these areas, cover this area in mulch or gravel, so that it still looks appealing yet keeps the grass from drying out. Most importantly, install DOGIPOT® Pet Stations throughout each pet area to prompt pet parents to pick up after their dogs and always leave the grounds looking as great as when they found them.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Keeping dogs hydrated on their daily walks is incredibly important, and installing water fountains or concrete dog bowls throughout pet areas is a nice treat for both pet parents and their pups. Dog owners can fill up dog bowls with water from their own bottles or you can even keep access to a nearby hose open. With doggie water fountains, pups are free to drink as much as they want while getting their exercise in. Not only will these hydration stations keep your tenants happy, they make for attractive landscaping additions to your property. With these suggestions, the outside of your apartment or condo will be the perfect place for your tenants, human and dog alike, to enjoy each other’s company is a nice space while also sending out a positive attitude to bring in even more people.

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