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Keeping Your Dog Park Summer Ready Go Back

Once summer rolls in, dog parks can act as a sanctuary for dogs and dog owners alike. With the temperatures rising it can be hard for dog owners to keep their energy at the same level as their pup at all times. That’s the beauty of having a dog park in the community; the ability for dog owners to relax and watch over their dogs as they get the playtime and exercise they need. But what’s even better than having a dog park easily accessible at your fingertips? Having a beautiful, well-kept dog park that people are willing to drive to from all over just so their dog can have the best time possible. It’s quite the hot commodity. If you want your community’s dog park to be the best around this summer, here are some tips for keeping it ready to beat the heat all season long.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In this case, the eyes are from two very different perspectives. On one hand, the dog owner is here to enjoy the park as much as their dog will. Make sure everything remains in top shape visually through these hottest months of the year. Keep the grass watered, trimmed and green.

Maintenance is key.

Dog water fountainAt a place where dogs go to run around and play everyday of the week, regular maintenance is to be expected in order to keep dogs as happy and safe as possible. Go out into the community and gather some volunteers to show up a couple times a month just to make sure the park is in the best shape all of the attendees. Maybe it’s a repair or two, gardening, collecting trash or waste, whatever it takes to keep the park looking it’s best.

Remember to keep it accessible for people and dogs alike.

Sure the owners of these four-legged guests aren’t the first things that come to find when maintaining a dog park, but remember dog owners are the ones deciding where to bring their furry friends and they only want the best for both of them. Make sure areas of the park are kept well shaded and there are plenty of benches and water fountains to keep us coming back. Especially in summer, if there’s nowhere to keep out of the sun, or nowhere to sit and relax while our dogs play, it won’t be enjoyable.

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