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Pet-Friendly Tips for Property Managers Go Back

According to a recent Apartments.com survey, roughly 75 percent of renters in the U.S. are pet parents. These animal lovers obviously seek pet-friendly communities to call home, and with such a large percentage of the renter population toting a furry friend with them, making your properties a bit more welcoming to animals might be in your best interest.

Many property managers are concerned about allowing pets in their communities because they believe the animals will cause damage to units and property, but there are a number of smart, effective ways to ensure your apartment complex or condo continues to look great and keep tails wagging at the same time.

Act, Don’t React

Being proactive is the best way to ensure your community remains in top shape for both your two and four-legged residents. Living with a pet can be unpredictable, but one thing is certain—incidents will happen. Instead of giving tenants pages upon pages of apartment or condo rules upon move-in, provide them with options for solutions instead, from carpet cleaners to reputable dog trainers in the area. It’s also smart to designate a dog walking area within your property and equip it with DOGIPOT® Pet Stations and dog waste stations to ensure prompt waste pickup. Don’t wait for an issue to come up or for a resident to break a rule—instead, make it easy for them to stay on track and comfortable within your community.

Say Goodbye to Pet Fees

Pet-Friendly Tips for Property ManagersWhile most properties charge tenants a flat-rate pet fee each month, this tends to make residents feel as if they are being punished even when their pet is well behaved and has caused no issues. Instead of charging all pet owners for simply having a pet, it might be more appealing to impose fines if and when pets misbehave. Not only would this entice potential renters to consider your property, but it would also motivate current tenants to keep a close eye on their pets to avoid being fined.

Meet and Greet

Many communities have weight or breed limitations when it comes to owning a pet. While these regulations may help keep your property’s pet-related issues at a minimum, they are not always the best (or right) way to approach problem prevention. Instead of imposing strict limitations, give pet screenings a try prior to move-in. Ask applicants and potential tenants to bring their pets in for a meet and greet, where you or your team can interact with the animal and get a better feel of their personality. There are plenty of big dogs with lovable, passive temperaments, so disqualifying these pet parents from being future renters at your property solely based on breed and size could be a mistake. If applicants are traveling long distance or relocating, insist on at least seeing a photo or video of the animal. This would also lessen the chances of pet parents omitting information on applications or lying about their pet’s size, breed or behavior.

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